Davis Lieknins
3D generalist / Motiongrapher


I am Davis Lieknins - 3D artist from Latvia, currently residing in Riga, Latvia.
With 10 years of experience as a freelancer in the CG industry, I have worked as a 3D
artist for film studios and creative agencies, producing commercials for TV and web,
3D visualisations and animations for museum exhibitions, real estate, commercial spaces
as well as interactive media for VR/AR.
I enjoy solving problems and finding solutions and I am eager to learn new things.
My objective is to find a full-time position and to be part of a friendly team, expand my
knowledge, skills and experience.

Software skills:
3D: Maya, Arnold, Corona, Vray, Redshift, Yeti, Mari, Mudbox, Zbrush,
Rhino3D, Cinema4D (basic)
2D: Photoshop, Illustrator, Krita, Nuke, Fusion, AfterEffects
Web: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
OS: Windows, OSX, Linux

2010 - 2011 Venice Art Academy, Italy (Erasmus Exchange Programme)
2006 - 2010 Art Academy Of Latvia (Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication)
2001 - 2005 Janis Rozentals Riga Art College (Multimedia Artist Diploma)

Spoken Languages:
English: Very good
Spanish: A2
Latvian: Native

2016 Mueva el Volante!, www.mueva.eu
3D animation, visualisations. Character development.

2016 Magicworks, www.magicworks.lv
Website designs. 3D commercial space visualisations.

2013 - 2014 Teterev Foundation, www.teterevufonds.lv
3D animations. Website designs.

2011 - 2014 Guilty, www.guilty.lv
3D animations / advertising for TV broadcast. 2D motion graphics.

2007 - 2016 DD Studio, www.dd.lv
3D interior, exterior visualisations. 3D animations,
VR / stereoscopic renders. Animations for interactive media.

2007 - 2012 Film Angels Studio, www.angels.lv
3D/2D animations / advertising for TV broadcast. Motion graphics. VFX compositing.

2012 Tanka Film Studio, TBWA Agency, www.tbwa.lv
3D animations for TV broadcast.

2012 Stylemasters Productions, www.stylemasters.lv
3D animations for TV broadcast. Compositing. Product renders.

2009 McCann Erickson, www.mccann.lv
3D product renders for outdoor prints.

2008 Nords Porter Novelli, www.porternovelli.lv
3D visualisations.

2008 Frank & Stein Agency, www.frankandstein.lv
3D visualisations. Product visualisations for advertising.

2007 - 2008 Hypnosis, www.hypnosisstudio.tv
3D animation. Compositing. Website designs.

2007 JD Design
3D visualisations, animations for real estate. Product 3D visualisations.